The school schedules puts a limit on the amount of rehearsal time each group has to prepare for a concert.
So that we can take advantage of the little time we have, the following is the policy for attendance.

  • Any rehearsal (both in school and after school) or lesson that is missed without being excused by me prior to that rehearsal will be recorded as unexcused.

  • A student will only be permitted one excused absence from in school rehearsals per semester. No excused absences will be permitted four weeks prior to a concert.

  •  The only excuses allowed for missing an after school rehearsal are: Graded school-sponsored events, Catechetics, Doctor's appointments, etc.

  • Any time a student forgets to bring his/her instrument to a scheduled lesson or rehearsal, it will be counted as an unexcused absence

  • Absence from school, as always, is an excused absence.

  • The Concert for Winter and Spring are a REQUIREMENT of band. Students will not be excused for any reason other then illness or family emergency.

Your ability to participate is based on your attendance at all lessons, rehearsals and performances



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