Student Practice Videos!

These are original instructional videos
explaining and demonstrating the basic
techniques of instrumental practice.
They are Windows Movie Files with the
file extension .wmv You will need Windows
Media Player to view these videos.
Windows Media Player 11 works the best.
If you do not have it, get it here for free!


If the videos below do not work properly in your browser,
CLICK HERE to view them in .mpeg format

Watch the Posture Video below FIRST
then click on your instrument


Practice correctly
practice often!

The movie will open in a new window.
You should have a
fast internet connection to view these videos.
If not, you must have
PATIENCE! Videos could take
5 minutes or more to download on a dial-up connection.

Watch this
Video First
3.10 MB

2.7 MB

2.8 MB

5.4 MB

7.75 MB

Forget some of the notes?
Click here to review the Fingering Charts !

If you have any problems or questions about the videos
on this page,
E-MAIL me and I will help you.

These videos James Lykins are for non-profit, educational use only.
All rights reserved.



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